Tuesday, February 17, 2009

treasure hunting

Last weekend, I was hunting for a lost treasure in the streets of Rethymno. The "Lost Treasure" is a historical adventure game that takes place once a year in the city of Rethymno. The participants-treasure hunters are more than 5000 people.
The team that organizes the game this year (Mpoumpounes) told me to create the official poster. It is the second time I design a poster for this purpose. The first time was 1 year ago (see next post).
So... I decided to "deconstruct" one of the city monuments, the venetian "Rimondi" fountain.

I have also created a CD cover for the original treasure hunting soundtrack, composed by Antonis Zaharakis.

On Friday, I had a pleasent surprise related to last year's treasure hunting game (See the next post)...

The hunting was great fun. My team finally was 13th in the ranking (out of 45 teams). Not bad at all. Next year I hope for even better ranking, the trophy will be ours ;)

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