Monday, February 23, 2009


Cocun is the art collective which we have co-created in 2005 with some good friends. Our main aspect is organizing FotoTherapy festival (of experimental art, video and photography).

A couple of days ago, we had a proposal, to prepare and curate an experimental photography exhibition in a small historical cretan village which is located 1300m high on the Cretan mountains. We have exhibited our work in several cities, but creating an event in a small village is a great experience.

The photo is from one of our previous exhibitions in the old school of Meronas village (Summer 2007). It's a very small village in the Cretan region of Amari. It was a fantastic experience for me, much better than showing my work in a big city gallery. The feedback from the people was great. I would positively never get that warm feeling in a, usually "cold", gallery space.

This proposal is for creating the event the first days of May. I hope everything will work out fine...
I will post more information as soon as we discuss the specific details.

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