Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy new year card!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

"Hands" project in Thessaloniki Cheap Photo

Cheap art is an international art movement that brings several art forms closer to a wider public, declaring that art is for everybody, not just for the wealthy minority.
In the exhibitions of Cheap Art, everybody is able to buy great works of art in extremely low prices.
This year, the Photographic Centre Of Thessaloniki organizes a Cheap Photo Exhibition in TETTIX gallery in the centre of the city. The visitors of the exhibition will be able to buy original photos by well known photographers just for 65 euros. I am glad to be part of the Cheap Photo Exhibition with 6 photos from my "Hands" project. Here are 2 of my photos that will be presented (for first time) in Cheap Photo.

More info (in Greek language) here!

Cheap Photo opening: TETTIX gallery (Tsimiski Str. & Dialetti 3) Saturday 12-12-2009 to 15-1-2010 (Monday to Friday 6-10 am and Saturday 12-2 am)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blood Donation Poster

Blood Donation is a major aspect. Donating blood is probably the most important thing you could offer to another human being.
I have co-operated in the past with the students of the Blood Donation Team from the University of Crete in co-operation with the "Agia Sofia" Pediatric Hospital of Athens. I had created an illustration for the blood donation project for one of their previous meetings which I have also presented here in Slipcase.
I am really glad that we had the oportunity to work together once more. During this project, I have tried to avoid using dark colors and shocking images. I thought it would be much better to illustrate a happy and optimistic view of blood donation.

The blood donation took place in Rethymno. I designed a grafitty-style city of Rethymno and a digital illustrated paper boat as a symbol of hope. The blood donation went really good and I am glad to create illustrations for such great purposes.