Monday, February 16, 2009

carival of crete

The last couple of weeks I am working on illustrations for the Carnival of Rethymno, which takes place in Crete, Greece. For these illustrations I have been co-operated with the 3D animator Petros Naoumis, who created the 3D modeling for the ice dolphin (the dolphin cartoon is the trademark of the carnival). The project is still on process. The main Carnival Parade will take place in Rethymno, the 1st of March. The celebrations will be completed in the 3rd day of March.

It had to be something flashy that aims to a wide range of ages. The main sumject this year is the "water". Blue is really "cold" to be used for a celebration poster, but I tried to experiment with liquid forms.

This is the main illustration. I have created some more but I don't thing I m gonna use 'em at the moment...

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